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Grace     Transportation 

Grace Transportation is an entity within Mykayla Ink that is dedicated to putting your family plans into action!  All consultations are free, we set the expectations for all parties within this meeting.  This ensures when our families need us most we do not have to get ready, we are able to stay ready.
Step 1:

A call is placed to our organization stating a child needs to be picked up from daycare, school, or provider for any reason. This call is initiated by the parent or guardian of the child. 

Step 2:

Your plan is then generated to our agent. The child is safely transported to the customized plan of execution within your digital file, by stating the Family Plan letter you would like for us to initiate. 

** For security purposes and the well being of the child this will be communicated in this manner to protect all parties.

Step 3: 

Once child is obtained and safely at designed location provided by parent in original call or email, the file is closed  until we are needed again.

Our Ecosystem:

Confirmation your child has been picked up and received by the 
"Family plan letter" is done in real time by agent and confirmed via email once file is closed.

Emergency pick up or drop off  locations include but are not limited to: 

                              *   Daycare                     *   Hospital 
                             * School                          *   Rehabilitation Center
                             *   Provider                    *   Family Member

 If in the case of a Hospital visit is required upon picking up your child. Your child will be escorted to a local hospital. Our agent will be with your child until you are able to safely make it to the location provided by a Mykayla Ink agent assigned to this emergency. 

We also offer temporary daycare services until the child is able to return to their normal routine. While at the facility by having their IEP on file we continue to work on benchmarks needed, so the goals of the child development is not delay in this case of  said  "emergency".  

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Grace Transporation  embodies providing both services to our families while catering to the family needs . 

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