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Mykayla Ink started with a little girl named Kayla. She was born with idiopathic epilepsy and autism. These special conditions although 14years old, she had a mental capacity of a 6 month old child. These circumstances did not stop her from living life to the fullest everyday. Many days and night were spent in hospital rooms with no real resolutions as her medical conditions were literally titled " unknown reason"  as well as Autism.   She was 14 years old when she passed away. Found her sleep to never wake on November 11. 2011 at 7:24 am. Through the pain and the passion to keep her memory alive Mykayla Ink was born. The inspiration speaks the hardest tribulation we faced as a family trying to maintain financial stability with limited PTO and not making it to FMLA while raising a special need child. It has come time to bridge the gap between finances and being a special kind of parent. 


Established in 2011, Mykayla Ink. is a first of its kind company whose primary purpose is to provide advocacy on behalf of families with special needs children. This goal materializes partly in the form of establishing linkages / partnerships with community organizations as well as state and educational institutions whose missions address the establishment of a more inclusive brand of special need service.

 Our Purpose                       

MYKAYLA INK is a company that assists families with special needs children, stay focused on their education or career by giving that helping hand when needed. Done by a personalized plan with the parent / guardian of child and representative of Mykayla Ink.  This plan is in the greater interest of the child should the child need to be picked up from school, daycare, or current provider in any case due to any reason.  

Transportation is provided by Grace Transportation and Virtual support is offered weekly with Faith Speaks.  You may view the Tab above to see more details on those services. 


 Mykayla Ink is the only option for parents / guardians who require a  support center  when sometimes support is no where to be found. One who understands how we fit into your family and keep it flowing in the directions your family requires to maintain life in those emergency situations.   

Statistics on families with special need children: 

Most working families are unable to obtain FMLA due to not having enough PTO (paid time off)  the first year of employment. This causes employers to view these employees in a skewed vision of their reliability and not their skill set. 

                      FMLA Requirements  pertaining to  CAREER or Educational Goals 


FMLA (family medical leave act) within the place of employment. According to the department of labor, there is a one (1) year requirement of employment or 1250 hours worked prior to obtaining FMLA.


Mykayla ink would be the helping hand to assist parents in obtaining this goal while keeping their PTO (Paid Time Off) for precious moments outside of an emergency.

                                                              GENERAL STATISTICS OF FMLA  

•ACCORDING TO WWW.AAUW.ORG (AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN) 62% OF WORKERS QUALIFY FOR FMLA IN THE UNITED STATES back in 2018 with Covid-19 and the financial obligations of my families it has been rising. 

Realistically this is over half of employees in most corporations. Department of labor statics 2018

Percent of workers with ACCESS to paid and unpaid family leave act. (smaller digits are paid and larger is unpaid benefits)

This lack of support is why Mykayla Ink exist. We are here to aid in stable employment, with a goal of reaching FMLA for job security. 

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